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With more than 10 million monthly active users, Linkedin is a real goldmine to promote your business and find potential customers.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great tool to find a lot of information about companies in general. However, it is more complicated for e-commerce customers. Why? Simply because the technology search filter doesn’t work.

The technology filter represents the CMS’s that are used by e-commerce sites. These include Shopify, Prestashop, Drupal, WordPress (Woocommerce)..

LinkedIn only explores the information provided by the creators of company pages and not the websites that are attached to them. It can not detect if a site is a simple shop window or an e-commerce.

Let’s take you through how to find e-tailers on LinkedIn with the help of some techniques. 👇

How to find e-tailers with lead search?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has a pretty effective feature when it comes to finding people rather than companies. It is simple to apply when searching for e-commerce customers. This type of profile is quite difficult to find! People don’t necessarily highlight their function on their profile.

➡️ Start by searching for job titles of e-retailers in a specific industry in the “prospect search”.
➡️ Perform a Boolean search with the keyword “e-commerce”, “e-shop”, “e-store” and a job title: “e-commerce” and “director” or “manager” or “project manager”.

This search does not include assistants or interns without decision-making powers in companies.

trouver des e-commerçants sur linkedin

When your search is complete, you can import this data into a Google Sheet to enrich your database using Derrick.

How to find e-commerce customers with account research?

Is your strategy based on account research? Build a list with the eCommerce customers you are interested in, and target the decision makers. The more keywords you have on your list to include or exclude, the more you refine your search as you go.

💡 Tips: how do you refine your keyword research? Look at the first few pages of company descriptions and identify relevant keywords.

Here, it’s all about filling in LinkedIn Sales Navigator with keywords and industries. Make a list of the keywords you want to appear on your contact’s company page: “e-commerce” and “food” and/or “fashion”..

linkedin trouver des e-commerçants

Don’t forget to exclude sectors that are not relevant! Doing this work beforehand allows you to start with a “clean” prospect base. You won’t waste time cleaning up your database afterwards.

Indicate the word “no” in your search to exclude accounts that you do not want to appear: “E-commerce” AND “fashion” NO “Agency” NO “Service”..

It is possible that you will not find all the keywords to exclude in the first search. Do it as you go along.

Have you finished your search? It’s time to add them to a list of accounts.
➡️ Click on Lead Results ➡️ Select the contacts you’re interested in ➡️ Save to list ➡️ Create a list of leads

You can later view this list in “Account List”.

linkedin trouver des e-commerçants compte
consulter une liste linkedin

Start your search to find e-commerce business decision makers, click ➡️ Lead Results ➡️ Custom Lists ➡️ Accounts ➡️ and select the list you just created.

trouver des e-commerçants importer liste

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Now you have a nice list to start your prospecting campaigns with our Derrick tool :

How to find e-tailers using Wappalyzer?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great tool for finding lots of information. However, there are some limitations, especially when it comes to finding the CMS technologies used by e-merchants.

It is possible to search for this information by combining your Sales Navigator search with the Wappalyzer tool.


Wappalyzer is an excellent software that detects the technologies used by websites. It discovers CMS, e-commerce sites, statistics tools, plugins and many others. It is therefore an interesting tool to use in your search for e-commerce customers.

How to use Wappalyzer to find e-merchants?

To build a list for yourself, you need to create an account on the site.
➡️ Click on Product ➡️ Lead List

créer une lead liste

➡️ Indicate the CMS technology you are interested in (Shopify, Prestashop, WordPress…) and the country you are targeting (countries). Create a list and wait a few moments.

créer liste e-commerce
trouver des e-commerçants télécharger liste

This list can now be imported to LinkedIn Sales Navigator to see if e-commerce customers are present on the platform.

➡️ Upload the document to Wappalyzer and import it in CSV format to Google Sheet.

For best results, keep only the URL, LinkedIn and Company columns. The others are not useful.

Upload the document to Google Sheet:

importer csv google sheet

➡️ Login to LinkedIn Sales Navigator ➡️ Account Lists ➡️ Create an account list ➡️ Upload accounts from CSV

In the “Load Account List” window, match the 3 columns in your file with the correct fields:

Account Name ➡️ Company
NameCompany URL ➡️ LinkedInWebsite
➡️ URL

➡️ Click Continue.

LinkedIn will try to find matches to the information filled in your file. Once complete, you can search for e-commerce company decision makers by following the technique in the 2nd paragraph.

You’re on your way! You can import your leads into your Google Sheet with Derrick. Your prospecting work can begin: follow the video in the 1st paragraph.

☝️ If you have any questions about this tutorial, feel free to leave us a comment.


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