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Hello everyone, in this article we will talk aboutIntent Marketing. A word that is a bit barbaric, but once understood, it is finally very logical and will allow you to get more meetings with hotter prospects and especially to stop being perceived as a spammer.

A little thought for the SDR (Sales Development Representative) who make 40 calls a day and often end up on the phone with prospects who have no need.

Example of statistics obtained using Intent Marketing (current campaign)

Good news,Intent Marketing is something you do every day without formalizing it. So why talk about it if you are already doing it

Putting a word on it, will allow you to go even further and “conscientize” something intuitive = Intent Marketing

In this article, you will learn to be “User First” and not “Paid First”. By this I mean you should care about your prospects and their needs before their portfolio

Marketing Intent: Definition

I will give you my definition of Intent Marketing.
Intent Marketing is the term that refers to the fact of understanding the need of your prospects and respond at the right time.

Yes the need is always there. I will always need to eat in my life, but now I’m hungrier, I’m less likely to order

Intent Marketing = the right need to the right moment

This explanation is very simplistic, but you get the idea. It works in B2B or B2C

Example of Intent Marketing in B2B

If you’re already prospecting, you’ve probably already looked at the LinkedIn profiles of your leads to learn more about them and be able to engage in conversation. Whether it’s a Cold Email or Cold Call, it’s the same thing you need an Ice Breaker, something to break the ice with your prospect

With Intent Marketing, the Ice Breaker is the ultimate, which will allow you to talk to your prospects by attracting their attention because you have understood their “moment” and not only their need

Let’s take the example of a start-up that has just raised funds, we can easily imagine that this company is in an active recruitment phase because it has new funds to accelerate its growth. You have here a “moment” to contact this company again if you are, for example, a headhunter or an HR software allowing you to save time in your recruitments

This is only an example, obviously the more precise the moment and the more important the need (remember I’m hungry at 12:30 not at 3:00 as we get closer to 12:30 my need is strong) the more likely you will reach your target

Example of Intent Marketing in B2C

Intent Marketing does not only apply to B2B prospecting, it also works in e-commerce and it is something that has existed since the dawn of time

Let’s take an example for online or physical business. I heard about this a long time ago during my studies but it will show you the power of Intent Marketing

At Carrefour, if you have a loyalty card, the company stores what you buy. Behind it, it processes the data. If Carrefour detects changes in your consumption habits, it is able to draw conclusions

Think for example of Corinne & Romain who regularly buys wine and sushi and then stops buying these products for more than a month. If you continue to have these new habits in 3 months, the Carrefour algorithm will offer you discounts on diapers because there is a high probability that Corinne & Romain are expecting a child.

Do you see the potential now?

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How to do Intent Marketing?

What is the common point between these 2 examples of Intent Marketing?


Whether in B2B or B2C, the more information you collect on your prospects, the more you will be able to create homogeneous “segments”.

How to collect data on your prospects?

Today, data is not reserved for large companies with a lot of customers or a lot of money. It’s much easier than before, if you have 10 minutes to spare, you’ll be able to collect a lot of information about your prospects or the company they work for

Do you have criteria on the size of the company, the job & the seniority of your prospect?

It’s super easy, and free you only need

Install derrick & Linkedin Sales Navigator and follow the guide!

Do you have his first and last name?

Here are several guides to understand how to get valuable information about your leads

There are a multitude of possibilities, I’ll let you take a look for yourself: https: //derrick-app.com/data-enrichment/

You have the Linkedin profile of your leads?

Good news, you won’t need Linkedin sales Navigator and you can find a maximum of information about your leads and target company in 2 clicks with derrick.

How can I transform my data into an exploitable segment for Intent Marketing?

Let’s take a simple case, we collect data using Linkedin Sales Navigator from founders of companies with 1-10 employees in Marseille 13005, France.

We have 535 results.

Linkedin Sales Navigator search for leads

With derrick now, we will export this list

Now we will enrich our data to have more information about our leads to be a little more comprehensive. Same thing with derrick you can do it for free in literally 2 clicks

Now we end up with a lot of data on our leads and even their companies we could look for more but let’s see what we can do with this one already

I’m not going to do your strategy but I will show you the potential 🙂

The “happy professional birthday” method

We start with a method that is not really Intent Marketing but still has the merit of being effective especially on large accounts that you often have to work by hand in B2B

With the data collected, you can easily contact people who have recently or will soon celebrate their professional anniversary. You can flatter your leads, for example, by sending them a gift box? Nothing better than to get noticed by a highly solicited target 🙂

How to do it?

  • With derrick data enrichment you will find the company address
  • With derrick’s lead enrichment you will find the date of arrival of your contact in his company.

Now you just have to sort the data to keep only those whose date is close to today’s date or the date you want to contact your prospect.

We will add a column to our Google Sheet indicating for example the month of the current year. For example, it is currently November for me.

Now let’s add a little magic formula from Google Sheet

// Let's add this formula to column J in our table and then stretch the column to the bottom.

Last step, we will calculate the difference between the current month and the month in the month() formula. Let’s define that if the difference is 1 month or less, we will contact our prospect otherwise we will not contact him (at least in this way).

And here is our list of prospects to contact without further delay 😉

Intent Marketing via fund raising

This time, as in the previous example, let’s focus on fundraising

How to do it?

With Derrick, it’s very simple, take your table, if not already done, enrich the data of your companies with the free feature of enrichment of company of derrick. Then, sort your data to keep only the ones that have raised funds in the current year

For the example, I only enriched 50 results, here’s what it looks like

All you have to do is congratulate them on their fundraising and get in touch to help them with their mute plan in recruitment for example.

In short, there are dozens of ways to do this, I’ll give you one last one for the panache as they say in France

The job change

Simple, effective and super efficient when it comes to reactivation. You have a customer who loves your solution, he is really a fan! Congratulations, you are doing a great job

You can recontact him at any time

  • When they change companies

Unless they are in project management (and even then) it is likely that your prospects regularly change jobs, or even companies. On average 4.4 years according to Randstad and if you target people with higher education this figure drops to 2-3 years.

It will be enough to launch an “Enrich profile” on derrick once a month to compare the old and the new company.

Your great customer has changed company, it’s time to contact him again. He was already a big fan of your solution, use it to get into his new company! If his job seems to be the same, chances are he’ll start his job by setting up his toolkit. This is the time to remind him that yours is essential to his stack by congratulating him on his new responsibilities.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to Intent Marketing!

Do you have any ideas about when to target your prospects? Speak up in the comments!


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