find company Linkedin Id with linkedin profile url

Find company Linkedin Id from linkedin profile url

Derrick App - Data Enrichment tool

Derrick lets you Find company Linkedin Id from linkedin profile url. Automate your data enrichment for free and have more time for what matters most: Closing.

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How to Find company Linkedin Id from linkedin profile url?

Follow these steps to learn how to find company Linkedin Id with linkedin profile url

Install Derrick and Open Google Sheet to Find Company Linkedin Id

Derrick will allow you to find company Linkedin Id in a few clicks without any technical skills. Just install Derrick, open Google Sheet, and launch Derrick. Now you’re ready ! You can also find data such as lead summary,headline,jobtitle,previous job title... Discover Derrick Now


Enrich Lead Data

Congratulations, you have done the most complicated. Now let's see how to get company Linkedin Id from linkedin profile url.In order to Find company Linkedin Id With linkedin profile url, You will need to use the Enrich Lead Data Feature from Derrick App. It's quite easy to use. In the drop-down menu, select the column header that corresponds to a LinkedIn profile URL. Validate the operation by clicking on enrich, and let Derrick do his job.

Discover Derrick App

With Derrick, create qualified lists of prospects from live data in 2 clicks and
without any technical knowledge.

How does it work?

Start from an existing database or a LinkedIn Sales Navigator search and create laser targeted databases. Derrick will allow you to find, enrich, and centralize any publicly available data from your target. You can then segment and filter them directly in Google Sheet.

Collaborate, modify, and analyze

Derrick is integrated with Google Sheet, and gives you access to data scraping, data enrichment, and data processing while keeping control over your data. Use Derrick to view, modify, and improve your data the easy way.
Do you know how to use excel? Then you will love Derrick!

Create workflows in 2 clicks

Derrick allows you to chain actions so there’s no need for several tools or technical knowledge. Everything happens in Google Sheet:

Find Email from Full Name workflow example

Open Derrick for Google Sheet

Select the column listing your prospects’ full name to search for their LinkedIn profiles.

Select the LinkedIn Profiles column that Derrick created to get 20+ data point for each profile.

Select the Company column that’s been added to get 15+ data point on that company.

Now select the company name and their full name to find your prospect’s professional email.

Done! And it only took 45 seconds.

Natively integrate with 3,000+ applications

Derrick lives in Google Sheet so it’s one of THE most connected online application. Connect to programs like Zapier, Make (Integromat), n8n, HubSpot, Pipedrive and more to sync data directly from Google Sheet to your internal tools.

Derrick is the ultimate data enrichment tool for sales, recruiters, or growth marketers to build lists of qualified prospects or candidates.

How Derrick Works

much more…

Find your leads’

Extract first names, last names,
and domains from emails

Highlight duplicated leads or
companies in your sheet in 1 click

They ❤️ Derrick

Laurent Naitza

J'ai essayé une multitude d'outils, finalement on en revient toujours au même point, traiter la donner sur g.sheet est le plus simple et surtout le plus rapide.

Derrick est parfait pour ça, enrichissement, recherche de lead / liste, etc.

Brice Maurin

Love it ! it's so simple & easy to use :)In just 3 minutes, i imported 2000 leads from linkedin...

Amazing !

David Sire

Working pretty nifty compared to Snov.Io, Price wise it does give a fair shake, and IMO better Interface since It's google sheets.

Snov.io does have more flexibility with extra options, but a lot of those I don't even use since they are not flesh out. We will see how this performs over time!

Damien Arnaud

It's brilliant 🤩

Tucker Garfield

Awesome tool

Johary Randriamandranto

The Search Leads feature is really useful!


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