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Want to get more leads for your prospecting campaigns? There are tricks to export members of a LinkedIn group with their email addresses. Nothing insurmountable! Let’s take a look.

What is a LinkedIn Group?

A LinkedIn group is a place on the social network where many professionals sharing a common profession, theme or skills can be found. It allows them to exchange, share their ideas, their experiences, ask for advice and make many acquaintances.

If you are in the phase of looking for leads for a prospection, you can integrate these communities. One of the advantages is that you can interact with the members of the group in the most natural way possible. Of course it takes time, but getting to know your prospects is essential. These groups are a real gold mine, so don’t neglect them!

How to find LinkedIn groups?

Are you convinced? How to join a LinkedIn group? Nothing very complicated.

Log into your LinkedIn account.
Press the search bar and enter a keyword that targets the topic/activity you are looking for.
Click on “Group.”

chercher groupes linkedin

A page will appear, choose the “Groups” filter or click on “See all results“. A list of groups is displayed.

voir groupes linkedin

All you have to do is choose the groups you want to join.

⚠️ Some tips:

  • Don’t join a multitude of groups. Focus on the most relevant ones. One or two groups are enough to start with.
  • Choose groups that are geared towards the type of customers you are looking for. The goal is to exchange with members before selling your products and services, so make the right choice.
  • One of the mistakes you should not make is to jump straight into selling. Take the time to talk to and identify your prospects.

Why get members of a LinkedIn Group?

Interacting on LinkedIn Groups requires a certain investment of time. If you’re wondering if it’s worth it, here are some reasons to invest in this strategy:

  • Building a large list of prospects: by joining one or two groups with many members, you can collect hundreds or thousands of contact addresses in a short time
  • Gathering more data to improve your campaigns: by exporting your list of LinkedIn group members, you can retrieve emails, but also gather a lot of information: companies, URLs, titles… All this data allows you later to segment your lists for better prospecting campaigns with personalized messages.

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Steps to extract members of a Linkedin group on Sales Navigator

Here we go! Let’s take a look at how to easily export members of a LinkedIn group with a Sales Navigator account and the Derrick app.

PS: If you don’t have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account, you can get a free one-month trial when you sign up.

Join relevant groups

Joining LinkedIn groups is not necessarily a must, although it is recommended to avoid your prospecting campaigns looking like spam :).
As we saw in the 1st point of this article, you can join a few groups and participate in them to get to know your prospects. Reply to messages, share your content..

Get the list of group members on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Log into your Sales Navigator.
Click on lead filters.

sales navigator chercher groupes

Click on group and enter the keyword of the group you are a member of. You can refine the search by entering the companies or the roles of the members with the various filters. Once finished, you will get a list of all members.

chercher groupe sales navigator

Export LinkedIn group members and find emails with Derrick

Are you done with your search? Now it’s time to export all that data so you can contact LinkedIn Group members for your prospecting campaigns.
If you haven’t already done so, install Derrick for free on your browser.
Then follow the tutorial below to get your leads.

Your list of leads is generated, now you need to retrieve the email addresses of all members. Thanks to the name, first name and company of each lead, Derrick is able to find their emails:

What if a group has more than 2500 members?
retrieve a maximum number of contacts, you should perform several searches with different filters. For example, apply a filter for the Ile-de-France region, export your search. Apply a filter for the PACA region and export your search again.

If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below!


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